The Vizsla


A medium sized Vizsla
Vizsla Quick Summary
Also Known AsHungarian Pointer
Height (at withers)21-24in (53-61cm)
Weight40-60lbs (18-27kg)
Hair Colour(s)Golden rust
Lifespan13-15 years
Energy LevelHigh
Litter size
Barking TendencyMedium
Exercise requirementsMedium
Ease of trainingHigh
Suitability for kidsHigh
Animal compatabilityHigh
Aggression levelsLow
Distress if leftLow

The Vizsla is a slender but robust looking dog. The body is athletic and light with a deep and broad chest, long legs and a high-set docked tail carried erect. The head is lean and muscular with a strong muzzle, dark eyes and long, thin ears that hang close to the cheeks. The coat is smooth and close fitting, and the colouring tends to be golden rust.


Vizlas are gentle and friendly dogs with great stamina and energy. Alert and responsive, these affectionate dogs are highly adaptable and thrive on attention and interaction from their owners and make loyal companions and family pets. Some may be demanding and clingy, and these are not the right choice for those with little time to dedicate to a dog. They need plenty of exercise and should be provided with appriopriate chew toys as these dogs love to chew, especially when bored. In addition they need adequate physical and mental stimulation to prevent boredom, otherwise this can lead to destructive behavior. Early socialisation is advised too in order to promote stable and confident temperaments. Vizslas are eager, intelligent and responsive dogs that are quick to learn, which makes training relatively straightforward. However, they can be sensitive, independant and easily distracted, and so firm yet very positive methods are required during training. Despite this, they are suitable for both experienced and inexperienced dog owners alike. Vizslas get along well with children and other household pets, and also with strangers too. They still make good watchdogs because they will generally bark to raise an alarm, and their size can also act as a deterrent against any potential intruders.

History & Skills

Vizlas originate from Hungary and enjoy a long history. Their name literally translates as 'alert and responsive' and they were once popular hunting dogs with nomadic tribes for birds and hares. Skilled in pointing and retreiving, these days they are popular as companions and family pets.

Breed Specific Ailments

Vizlas tend to live between 13-15 years and are considered an extremely healthy breed. Some of the health problems noted in this breed include hip dysplasia, entropion, SA, epilepsy, PRA, seizures, thyroid problems, and cancer. They can also ne sensitive to medications.


Vizlas are medium shedders and so may therefore not be best suited to those suffering from allergies. Their grooming requirements however are low and their coats simply require an occasional brushing to keep it smooth and in good condition. These dogs are ideal for people with little time to dedicate to grooming and these are clean dog with very little odour.

Exercise & Environment

Vizlas are very flexible dogs that can adapt to most environments, and are suited to warm climates as they love to bask in the sun. They are active dogs and will need a daily walk plus an outside area such as a yard or garden in which to play. These areas must be secure as these are quick and agile dogs. They should be provided with adequate exercise and toys to avoid boredom and destructive behaviour.


FCIFCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KCThe Kennel Club (UK)
AKCAKC - American Kennel Club

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