A small Pug
Pug Quick Summary
Also Known As
Height (at withers)10-14in (25.5-35.5cm)
Weight13-20lbs (6-9kg)
Hair Colour(s)
Lifespan12-13 years
Energy LevelLow-medium
Litter size2-5
Barking TendencyLow
Exercise requirementsLow
Ease of trainingMedium
Suitability for kidsHigh
Animal compatabilityHigh
Aggression levelsLow
Distress if leftHigh

The Pug is a small and sturdy, distinctive looking dog. The body is short and muscular with a tightly curled tail. The round head has a short, dark muzzle, facial wrinkles, dark protruding eyes, small folded ears and an undershot bite. The coat is short, sleek and close fitting, and the colouring tends to include silver, black, or fawn, with black markings on the face and ears. A famous example of a pug is Frank from the film Men in Black, starring Will Smith (1997).


Pugs are friendly, sociable and fun-loving dogs dogs with stable and good-natured temperaments. Although they are not overly active dogs and may prefer to snuggle up to owners and nap than jump around, they love to play and have fun. As a result they can be very entertaining and make excellent companions and family pets, and are ideal companions for the elderly or disabled. They can often look unhappy due to their wrinkly faces and short snouts, but most are quite the opposite. Although they can tend to wheeze and snore, these are very clean and affectionate animals. With high intelligence combined with a relaxed attitude, they can bore easily of routine exercise and training and can become jealous if neglected. Training should prove relatively easy but housebreaking can often be difficult, as some can be stubborn and strong minded. Despite this, they are not overly demanding creatures and are well suited to those with no experience of dog ownership or training as well as the more experienced. Pugs will tend to get along well with children, but due to its small size and prominent eyes that can easily be damaged, they are really only suited to older, more considerate kids. They get along well other animals too, although they can become jealous if other pets receive more attention. They will also behave well around strangers, and this combined with their small size and their trendency to grunt rather than bark means they do not make effective watch dogs.

History & Skills

Pugs originate from China and enjoy a long history dating back to 700BC. Once the favourite of Tibetan monks, they have served as lap dogs for the nobility, as well as message carriers to Napoleon from his wife Josephine while she was imprisoned in 1790. These days they remain popular companions and show dogs, as well as performers of tricks and watch dogs.

Breed Specific Ailments

Pugs tend to live between 12-13 years, and some of the health problems noted in this breed include including entropion, liver problems, epilepsy, cataracts, sensitivity to drugs and chemicals, PRA, Less-Perthes, and encephalitis. They are sensitive to overheating due to their short muzzles and short coats, and their prominent eyes can be susceptible to injury or infection. They are also prone to colds, allergies and obesity, and have sensitive skin.


Pugs are medium shedders when groomed properly and so are not suitable for those with allergies. Their grooming requirements are not overly high, and the coat will need to be brushed roughly every couple of days to remove dead hair and to keep it looking sleek and in good condition. The facial wrinkles should be cleaned and dried on a daily basis to avoid skin problems and infections, and the prominent eyes should be checked regualrly for any signs of infection too. Pugs can be bathed as required but must be thoroughly dried after a bath to avoid chills.

Exercise & Environment

Pugs tend to live indoors, as they are sensitive to temperature extremes, and are suitable for small homes such as apartments. They can get a lot of their exercise from playing indoors but will tend to be fairly sedentary when left. As a minimun they will need daily short walks and indoor play, but care is needed in hot weather. If they start wheezing this usually means they will need a break from exercise.


FCIFCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KCThe Kennel Club (UK)
AKCAKC - American Kennel Club

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