A small to medium sized Mudi
Mudi Quick Summary
Also Known As
Height (at withers)14-20in (35-51cm)
Weight18-29lbs (8-13kg)
Hair Colour(s)Varies
Lifespan13-14 years
Energy LevelMedium
Litter size5-10
Barking TendencyHigh
Exercise requirementsMedium
Ease of trainingMedium
Suitability for kidsMedium
Animal compatabilityMedium
Aggression levelsLow
Distress if leftMedium

The Mudi is a small to medium sized, sturdy looking dog. The body has a deep chest, a level topline, rather wide-set hind legs and a high-set curved tail, although some puppies can be born without one. The wedge-shaped head is long with a pointed black nose, dark bown eyes and erect triangular ears. The distinctive coat is thick and glossy with tufts, and the colouring varies but includes black, white, fawn, red and grey.


Mudis are couragous and gentle dogs with pleasant demeanours. Although they often need to be properly socialised early on in life, they make loyal companions and loving family pets, tending to bond closely with one particular owner. They are playful and generally obedient too, but can sometimes be noisy and so need teaching not to bark unneccessarily. These are highly intelligent dogs that learn quickly, and so are suited to both novice and experienced dog owners. Mudis get along fine with older, more considerate children they have been raised with, as long as they have been taught to know their place, and also with other pets and dogs so long as they are properly introduced. They are naturally suspicious of strangers but without being aggressive, and so make effective guard and watchdogs.

History & Skills

Mudis originate from Hungary, and as a breed have only been around for about a century. They seem to have developed spontaneously rather from being planned, and come from herding dogs such as the Puli and Komonder. Mudis were initially used for herding sheep and cattle, and for guarding flocks hunting vermin, and in Finland they are used in mountain rescue. These dogs almost became exinct at one point, and are still a relatively rare dog today.

Breed Specific Ailments

Mudis tend to live between 13 to 14 years. Some of the health problems noted in this breed includes hip dysplasia.


Mudis are medium shedders that also shed more heavily on a seasonal basis, and so may not be best suited to those suffering with allergies. Their grooming requirements however are low, and their coats will simply require occassional brushing and combing.

Exercise & Environment

Mudis tend to live indoors but are a very active breed, and so are not suited to small homes such as apartments. They will require a daily walk and access to a secure outside area in which to run and play. These sporty dogs also love to play sports such as frisbee and make good jogging companions.


FCIFCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KCThe Kennel Club (UK)
AKCAKC - American Kennel Club

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