Greenland Dog


A medium to large sized Greenland Dog
Greenland Dog Quick Summary
Also Known AsGreenland Husky
Height (at withers)22-25in (56-64 cm)
Weight66-70lbs(30-32 kg)
Hair Colour(s)Varies
Lifespan13 years
Energy LevelHigh
Litter size6
Barking TendencyMedium
Exercise requirementsHigh
Ease of trainingLow
Suitability for kidsLow
Animal compatabilityMedium
Aggression levelsMedium
Distress if leftLow

The Greenland Dog is a medium to large sized heavily built husky like dog. The body is powerful with well feathered legs, thickly furred toes sporting large pads, and a large bushy tail that curls over the back to protect the face during sleep. The head is broad and wedge shaped with a dark nose and eyes, and small triangular ears. The double coat consists of a thick outer coat and dense woolly undercoat, allowing them to live outdoors in cold climates, and the colouring varies.


Greenland Dogs are independant and aloof dogs that can also be loving with the owners they bond with. However, as they remain mostly team working dogs, they often don't get the opportunity to develop such close relationships with people. These dogs thrive on having a job to do or any form of vigorous activity, and they can make good hiking companions. They are intelligent but independant and very hard to train, and retain many wolf-like instincts and characteristics so owners need to show complete dominance. As a result they are only suitable for those with experience of dog ownership and training. Greenland Dogs are determined and can be boisterous in their play, and so are not really suited to families with children. They can aggressive with unfamiliar dogs, as well as other small pets. They are normally friendly towards people and have low guarding instincts, and so they tend to make poor watchdogs.

History & Skills

Greenland Dogs originate from Greenland, as you may expect, but can possibly be traced back to dogs accompanying people from Siberia well over 12,000 years ago. Brought to Greenland with the first Inuit settlers between 4-5000 years ago, these are an ancient breed of dog quite unchanged from that time and remain primarily working dogs, the original sled dogs in particular, as well as formidable hunters of seals and polar bears. They are quite rare outside their home country or as family pets.

Breed Specific Ailments

Greenland Dogs tend to live around 13 years and are a very hardy breed with little known health problems.


Greenland Dogs are high shedders, especially during their moulting season, and so may not be suited to those suffering with allergies. Their grooming requirements are fairly low generally though, and their thick double coats will only need brushing on a weekly basis.

Exercise & Environment

Greenland Dogs are robust and tend to live outdoors and so are not suitable for apartment life. Due to their history they are suited to cooler climates and will not fair well in the heat. They need plenty of space and prefer having a task to do, and will not enjoy simply laying contently around the home like some dogs. A long daily walk will be required and this breed likes to roam. Again, not suitable for warm climates.


FCIFCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KCThe Kennel Club (UK)
AKCAKC - American Kennel Club

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