English Pointer


A medium sized English Pointer
English Pointer Quick Summary
Also Known As
Height (at withers)23-28in (58-71cm)
Weight44-66lbs (20-30kg)
Hair Colour(s)Varies
Lifespan12-15 years
Energy LevelVaries
Litter size5-7
Barking TendencyMedium
Exercise requirementsHigh
Ease of trainingLow
Suitability for kidsMedium
Animal compatabilityMedium
Aggression levelsLow
Distress if leftMedium

The English Pointer is an athletic and graceful dog with a sleek yet strong build. The body is muscular with a broad chest, level backline and straight front legs. The head is flat with a slight concavity between the eyes, high-set pendulous ears and round hazel, brown eyes. The coat is short and smooth with a high sheen, and the colouring can vary and includes combinations of black, white, lemon, orange, liver and white.


English Pointers are even-tempered, loyal and affectionate dog breeds. Independent and lively, they are alert and courageous and make good companions and family pets. Full of energy, these dogs love to play and thrive on affection, and are not suitable for inactive families as they need a lot of exercise. They also need plenty of attention because if neglected they can grow bored, which can lead to destructive behaviour. English Pointers can often be stubborn and hard headed, which can make training a challenge, but this can be made easier using assertive and positive training methods. For this reason they are suited more to experienced dog owners. Early socialisation is essential for these dogs as some can be shy, and as they are responsive and eager to please, they normally do not display dominance over other animals or people. They are calm when inside and will get along with older, more considerate children, as when outdoors they may be boisterous. As their aggression levels are very low, these dogs are fine around other pets, including cats and other dogs, and can be reserved but polite around strangers. Although not typically territorial, their size and bark will intimidate most visitors and so they make good watchdogs.

History & Skills

English Pointers originate from England and are one of the oldest pointing dogs. Bred to work with hunters, they were used to point out game for hunters, and were sometimes used in combination with retrievers. Like many other breeds, their history is somewhat debatable, with records of Pointers in England stretching as far back as the mid 1600s. They may have been used as hare pointers before bird pointers and were popular in dog shows in the 1800s. These days they make good companions and family pets, and perform well in pointing field trials.

Breed Specific Ailments

English Pointers tend to live between 12-15 years and are a pretty healthy breed, but some of the health problems noted include hip dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, dwarfism and allergies.


English Pointers are medium shedders, and so not best suited to those with allergies, and they need minimal grooming. The short coat needs occasional brushing to remove any dead and loose hair, and bathing is required only when necessary. For dogs used in hunting trips, grooming requirements may be higher and the feet will need towel-drying immediately after.

Exercise & Environment

English Pointers tend to be calm when indoors and manic when outside. They can live outside in moderate to warm climates, provided shelter and bedding are provided; wowever, they will prefer to stay indoors with their family. These dogs need plenty of exercise to prevent frustration, which could lead to destructive behaviour. Access to a secure yard or garden area plus a long daily walk are required, and preferably some form of hunting activities too. These dogs are highly suitable for those that are active outdoors.


FCIFCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KCThe Kennel Club (UK)
AKCAKC - American Kennel Club

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