Deutscher Wachtelhund (German Spaniel)


A medium sized Deutscher Wachtelhund
Deutscher Wachtelhund Quick Summary
Also Known AsGerman Spaniel
Height (at withers)17-21in (43-53cm)
Weight44-66lbs (20-28kg)
Hair Colour(s)Brown
Lifespan12-14 years
Energy LevelHigh
Litter size6
Barking TendencyMedium
Exercise requirementsHigh
Ease of trainingHigh
Suitability for kidsMedium
Animal compatabilityLow
Aggression levelsMedium
Distress if leftHigh

The Deutscher Wachtelhund, also known as the German Spaniel, is a medium sized, solidly built dog. The body is long with a deep chest, straight forelegs and a high-set tail held low. The head is chiselled with a flat skull, a long muzzle, a large brown nose and long hanging ears. The coat is long and wavy, and the colouring tends to be brown with shite spots on the chest.


Deutscher Wachtelhunds are vibrant dogs with friendly dispositions. Thanks to their breeding they love to hunt and retreive but also make affectionate and loyal companions and decent family dogs. As they are social dogs that love to be aroubd peopl, they shouldn't be left alone for too long. These dogs need confident and consistent owners and will take advantage of any weakness, and so they are best suited to those with experience of dog ownership and training. Deutscher Wachtelhunds can be fine with older, more considerate children, but proper socialisation is required around other pets, especially cats.

History & Skills

Deutscher Wachtelhunds originate from Germany, where they are classed as a Stoberhund, with hund meaning dog and stober translating loosely as "rummage about". Stober dogs date back centuries and were used to vreate various pointer breeds as well as Deutscher Wachtelhunds. They are relatively unknown, even in their home country, because they are owned and sold almost exclusively to professional hunters and foresters.

Breed Specific Ailments

Deutscher Wachtelhunds tend to live between 12-14 years and are generally healthy dogs. Some of the health problems noted in this breed includes hip dysplasia and skin conditions or allergies.


Deutscher Wachtelhunds are medium shedders and so may not be suited to those suffering with allergies. Their grooming requirements are not too bad, and their long coats will need regular brushing to remove dead hair. The hair between the toes will need trimming too, especially in winter with a lot of snow. Their long ears should be checked regularly to en sure there are no infections setting in.

Exercise & Environment

Deutscher Wachtelhunds prefer to live indoors but can be kept outside in a kennel as long as they are given plenty of attention and time with their owners. As they are hunting dogs they need plenty of exercise and love to swim. A daily walk is a must and these dogs should be kept on the leash as they will chase cats, and are known to go in for the kill when hunting. In rural areas they can be unleashed, and although they will tend to run off, they will keep returning to their owners.


FCIFCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KCThe Kennel Club (UK)
AKCAKC - American Kennel Club

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