Brazilian Terrier


Brazilian Terrier
Brazilian Terrier Quick Summary
Also Known AsTerrier Brasileiro
Height (at withers)14-16in ( 36-41cm)
Weight15-20lbs (7-9 kg)
Hair Colour(s)
Lifespan12-14 years
Energy LevelHigh
Litter size4-7
Barking TendencyHigh
Exercise requirementsMedium
Ease of trainingMedium
Suitability for kidsMedium
Animal compatabilityLow
Aggression levelsMedium
Distress if leftMedium

The Brazilian Terrier is a small and agile terrier dog. The body is compact and slender with a narrow chest, arched loins and the tail can be docked or left natural. The head has a flat triangular skull with high-set, folded triangular ears. The coat is short and the colouring tends to be combinations of three, usually white and tan with black.


Brazilian Terriers are alert and frisky little dogs that love to play, which they will do a lot. They love to bark and dig and need plenty of mental and physical activity to be happy, and tend to become restless and destructive otherwise. These dogs are intelligent and obedient but need confident and consistent owners to prevent them from becoming bossy and stubborn, and so are best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership and training. Brazilian Terriers are friendly and are suitable for older, more considerate children, but due to their very strong hunting instincts they are not to be trusted around other small animals. Thanks to their intelligent bark, they make good watchdogs.

History & Skills

Brazilian Terriers originate from Brazil, as the name suggests, and are only one of two breeds native to the country (the other being the Fila Brasileiro). Their ancestors were probably jack Russell Terriers brought to Brazil from Europe in the 1800s, with Miniature Pinschers and large Chihuahuas possibly adding to their development. Almost unknown outside of their home country, these dogs are used for both single and pack hunting.

Breed Specific Ailments

Brazilian Terriers tend to live between 12-14 years. Some of the health problems noted in this breed include hip dysplasia.


Brazilian Terriers are medium shedders and so may not be suited to those suffering with allergies. Their grooming requirements are low as their short coats require little maintenance and just occasional brushing.

Exercise & Environment

Brazilian Terriers tend to live indoors but are not suitable for small homes such as apartments. These dogs are very active while indoors but will still need access to a secure outside area for play, and a long daily walk will reduce the risk of destructive behaviour due to reslessness. They shouldn't be walked off the lead unless well trained because they like to chase and explore.


FCIFCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale
KCThe Kennel Club (UK)
AKCAKC - American Kennel Club

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