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Common Hazards for Your Dog Around Your Home

We all want our dogs to remain safe. Owners may unknowingly have a range of health hazards around their home. Dogs are very curious by nature and can quickly get into trouble if you're not aware. Here is a look at some of the potential hazards that you need to avoid having around for your dog.

Dogs will eat virtually anything ranging from dead animals to grass. There are certain food items that you should never leave lying around your home because they're very toxic to dogs. One of the main things that you need to avoid letting your dog eat is chocolate since it will affect not only his heart, but his central nervous system as well.

Dogs can easily die if they ingest too much chocolate. Owners should also avoid letting their dogs consume raw onions since they're very toxic too. Yet another common food that you should be concerned with are raisins.

Wires will also present a potential hazard for your dog. Unless you toss out all of your electronics and such, you won't be able to remove wires entirely from your home. Keep wires out of the way as much as possible though to make sure that your dog doesn't start chewing on them and start a fire or even worse electrocute himself.

Small objects are another common hazard that owners should worry about. Dogs that try to swallow small objects may start choking. If you have small children and a dog living in the same home, then it's even more important to pay attention to small objects. Just like you keep smaller objects away from your small child, you will need to keep them away from your dog.

The plastic bags that you bring home from the grocery store should be stored away in a safe place. You don't want to let your dog play with them. Unless you were around to remove a bag stuck on your dog's head, he could easily start suffocating. Dogs that try to swallow these bags can choke to death too.

Of course, standard household chemicals can easily pose a health hazard for your dog. You need to keep these chemicals locked away tightly. If they're kept in cabinets near the floor, then make sure there are locks fitted on them. Antifreeze is another chemical that leads to disaster in dogs, so you should be careful when working with it out in your driveway.

Be very careful when using pesticides around your home too. Dogs can ingest pesticides accidentally if they're used incorrectly. Traps that you put out to catch mice and rats can also damage your dog's nose, paws, tail, or other body part. Never let the curious nature of your dog get him in trouble if you can help it.

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Submitted by Darrin Swain December 2011.