A large sized Akbash
Akbash Quick Summary
Also Known AsAkbas
Height (at withers)28-32in (71-81cm)
Hair Colour(s)White
Lifespan10-11 years
Energy LevelLow
Litter size7-9
Barking TendencyHigh
Exercise requirementsMedium
Ease of trainingLow
Suitability for kidsLow
Animal compatabilityLow
Aggression levelsHigh
Distress if leftLow

The Akbash is a large and powerful looking dog. The body well-muscled with a broad chest, well sprung ribs, a level topline, long legs and a long feathered and curved tail. The massive head has a square muzzle, high set ears, dark oval eyes and a dark nose. The distinctive thick coat can be short to medium in length, and the colouring tends to be white.


Akbashes are brave, outgoing and confident dogs that are a serious working breed, and so are best placed where they have a task to do. When used as guard dogs they are not that personable with people, but they are not hostile by nature and can be used as companion dogs. They tend to become utterly dedicated and devoted to their owners and any livestock in their care. Intelligent but also very independant, they can be hard to train. Therefore these dogs are not suited to inexperienced dog owners at all, as they require calm and confident owners. Despite their protective natures, Akbashes are only suited to older, more considerate children but must be socialised early. Thay are naturally aggressive towards other dogs but with the right training can get along with other pets, as they have guarded many species in the past. Once bonded, they will not hesitate to risk their own lives to protect their charges. They are suspicious and even aggressive towards strangers, and must be supervised around visitors. They make good watch and guard dogs, using barking and patrolling as their primary means of defence, and they will bark if left out at night.

History & Skills

Akbashes originate from western Turkey, particulalry from the region known as the Akbas. They are anaancient breed with roots stretching back some 3000 years, and are thought to be a unique combination of mastiffs and sighthounds. These dogs were bred to guard flocks, rather than to herd them, with their white colour helping distinguish them from predators. As a result they are a relatively low-energy breed, being used to laying with flocks for hours.

Breed Specific Ailments

Akbashes tend to live between 10-11 years and are a healthy breed on the whole. Some of the health problems that have been noted in this breed include hip dysplasia and OCD.


Akbashes are heavy shedders that also shed on a seasonal basis, and so are not suitable for those with allergies. Their thick coats will need a weekly brushing, which will need increasing during the periods of heavier shedding.

Exercise & Environment

Akbashes tend to live indoors but are not suitable for small homes, such as apartments, because these large dogs need plenty of room. They are not terribly active but will need a good daily walk on a leash. Any outside areas must be really secure.


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