Otodex Ear Drops

Ear Infection

Most dog owners already know that it is very important to keep their dog's ears clean and to regularly check for any signs of infection. However, even with the best will in the world some dog's still manage to pick up the odd ear infection from time to time. If left unchecked this can become serious and can lead to permanent loss of hearing. Luckily there are products out there that can help.

Otodex Ear Drops are a well-known, tried and tested solvent for the treatment of ear irritation and otitis externa caused or complicated by infection in dogs (and cats). The benefits provided by this solvent are:

Otodex Ear Drops are a clear colourless solution with a pine odour and contain a fast acting formula that clears wax build ups, relieves scratching and kills ear mites in dogs (and cats). They contain a wax solvent that removes wax, fungicides and bactericides, and an anti-bacterial agent that is useful against otherwise hard-to-treat bacterium common in chronic ear cases. They also contain a mild analgesic to relieve pain, plus an emollient to moisturise the skin. Otodex Ear Drops are available in a bottle dropper.


We only ever use Otodex Ear Drops when treating our dog and it works just fine every time.